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Forester's helmet models from Schuberth are recommended for forestry work. Thanks to the crown vent and a particularly large ventilation area they offer an optimised helmet climate in addition to the outstanding standard safety characteristics of Schuberth helmets. With FPA approval, the Schuberth forester combinations also received the approval of the German Center for Forest Work and Technology (KWF).

A further innovation developed by the engineers at Schuberth is the new "ForestGuard", the first helmet that improves the visibility of the wearer not only in daylight, but also during darkness for up to 6 hours, thanks to the GlowShield-Technology. The danger of accidents among forest workers in the twilight hours is significantly reduced by the improved visibility of the helmets.

Schuberth forester's helmets are available with various face shields and the associated ear muffs. The forester combinations can thus be adapted to various situations in which head, face and ear protection is required .

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Product benefits

Forester´s combinations:

• Various options available for combining helmet and face shield variants with the associated ear defender

• Simple installation of the face shield and ear defender on the helmet

• Best possible protection combined with optimal wearing comfort


Face shields:

• New, ergonomically modified shield shape: no obstruction to vision with face shield raised. When being lowered, the shield avoids contact with the nose and chin

• The SVC face shield carrier consists of two materials. The more elastic material moulds ideally to the helmet peak, thus preventing small particles (e.g. sawdust) from getting in the user's eyes

• The distance between the face shield and the face can be set individually (e.g. for spectacle wearers)


Ear defender

• The carrier and ear muffs lie snugly against the helmet, tree branches cannot catch so easily; less noise is therefore transmitted into the ear muff through contact

• Conveniently adjustable height setting of the ear muff

• Noise insulation: SNR value 28 dB, optimal noise insulation with excellent acoustic perception of surroundings (calling, machine noise, warning signals, etc.)

• Ear protecting muffs can be turned inside out for ventilation

• Padding of ear defender adapts ergonomically, providing a high level of comfort even for spectacle wearers

• Sealing rings and insulating pads inside the muff are easily replaced

• Ear defender completely metal- and silicon-free




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