Screw cap

Screw cap Neck curtain HTH1/2-X Neck curtain HTH3-X
Neck curtain HTS1-X CeoTronics headset CT-FlexCom Helmet lamp LED KS-7610
Helmet lamp LED KS-7650 Lamp holder LH2-UK Neck curtain HTH1 and HTH2
Nape protector NPH1 and NPH2 Nomex Nape protector NPH1 and NPH2 Silver Pro and Classic  


  • Helmet lamp KS-7650
  • Helmet lamp KS-7510

Spare parts

  • Replacement visor
  • Head support ring (with ecological leather sweatband)
  • Carrier net with net holder
  • Ecological leather sweatband
  • Chin/neck strap
  • Reflective foil
  • Fastening screws
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