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Product benefits

  • Modern helmet shape, Type A
  • Approved according to DIN EN 443:2008
  • Increased resistance to flames, helmet shell material made of further developed, highly temperature-resistant HighTemp-Fibre
  • Integrated visor tested to DIN EN 14458:2004
  • 3-point-chin-neck strap made from Nomex® material
  • Height-adjustable interior fittings
  • Head size quick-adjustment system for full-face masks with head strap
  • High-quality inner shell of PU foam
  • Multi-Adaption-Lock; Pushbutton fasteners for direct attachment of full-face masks as well as accessories
  • Lamp holder
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Electrical insulation capacity E2/E3
  • Low-temperature classifi cation –40°C
  • Contact with liquid chemicals
  • Solas approval
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