November 18, 2009

EICMA Premiere: New Decals and Colours

Schuberth adds colour to the luxury class

New designs and colours enrich the range of products and appeal to new target groups

Magdeburg/Milan, 10 November 2009 - Schuberth motorcycle helmets set the standard for safety and comfort. This is exactly what the traditional German brand set out to achieve, and countless independent tests by the motorcycle press confirm their leadership in quality time after time, year after year. The fact that premium helmets "made in Germany" do not need to be boring and bland can be seen from a series of new designs and colours presented by Schuberth exclusively at the Milan motorcycle fair EICMA.

Under the name C3 World, Schuberth presents a helmet with a stylized image of the world and an urban skyline running around it. The design was created in recognition of the dream shared by many touring motorcyclists, of setting out on a world tour on one's motorcycle and getting away from it all. The C3 World is available in the finishing "Glossy White" and "Glossy Black".

The new C3 Stripes creates a discontinuous pattern on the shell with sweeping black and white stripes that draw the eyes and lend a dynamic quality. The graphically modified C3 logo is emblazoned highly visibly on the side of the helmet.

The S1 Pro "Green Furious" delivers what its name promises. Sweeping green and white lines and shapes on a black background are evocative of popular tribal tattoos, and express the character of its wearer: here is a free-spirited non-conformist on a path to the unknown, and who will not be kept bound by rigid rules. The journey is its own reward!

The real battle-cry, however, is the new S1 Pro "Blade". The new design of this sporting helmet is as sharp as a blade and a true eye-catcher, both on the racetrack and on a racy tour. Clear, futuristic lines run along the aerodynamic lines to make it absolutely clear where the rider is going: straight forward - without compromise!

The new C3 "Fluo Yellow" makes a strong colour statement. The fluorescent yellow helmet not only brings colour onto the road, it also significantly increases the visibility and thereby the safety of the motorcyclist. During the dark autumn and spring months especially, the "Fluo Yellow" is the perfect companion on a motorcycling tour.

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