September 1, 2009

Schuberth C3 convinces the testers of ‘Reise Motorrad’ motorbike magazine

In the accessories test of ‘Reise Motorrad’ magazine (August 2009 issue), the reviewers painstakingly put ten current flip-up helmet models under the microscope. In this comparison, the Schuberth C3 was a winner all the way: The low weight made just as positive an impression as the good sound insulation. This results in freedom from wind eddies and provides outstanding aeroacoustics.
The Schuberth C3 was the only helmet in the test to present no defects in manufacture, fit, or material. In their description of the product, the testers highlighted both the acoustic collar fitted with reflective material, and the anti-roll-off system. The adjustable wind deflector also won praise. The resulting freedom from eddies differentiated the Schuberth C3 from most of the other helmets tested. This was a weak point for many of the other models.
As a result of the positive evaluations which it received, the Schuberth C3 is the clear winner on points, and thereby fulfils its position of excellence amongst the flip-up helmets.


Schuberth C3 - Fluo Yellow

Schuberth C3 - Fluo Yellow