September 7, 2012

Valuable, rare and extremely tough

Michael Schumacher lines up for his 300th Formula 1 race wearing a platinum helmet

MAGDEBURG/SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS (31 August 2012). Of course it has to be at Spa-Francorchamps:  record-breaking world champion Michael Schumacher (Mercedes AMG Petronas) will be celebrating the next chapter of his unique Formula 1 career at his favourite track.  The 43-year-old will be driving in his 300th top-class race at the Belgian Grand Prix. This makes him the most experienced driver in the whole field. His helmet designer, Schuberth, has decided to mark the occasion by giving him a very special gift. The Magdeburg-based helmet manufacturer is celebrating this remarkable anniversary. Marcel Lejeune, CEO will present him with a platinum-plated helmet.

"We've spent a long time thinking about how we can commemorate such a special anniversary by giving Michael something he'll really enjoy, while at the same time letting him know how much we value his achievements. This is how we came up with the idea of a platinum helmet. Platinum is valuable, rare and extremely tough.  These characteristics also describe Michael Schumacher, and  we have always benefited from these attributes during the ten years that we have worked together", said Schuberth CEO Lejeune.

Michael Schumacher thanked Schuberth, saying: "It's fantastic that Schuberth has once again come up with a special helmet design to mark this special day. I'm delighted – it’s a very precious piece of equipment. It marks a real milestone in my career and will have pride of place in my personal collection. Many, many thanks".

There is hardly a record in the all-time best rankings that is not held by the once-in-a-lifetime talent that is Michael Schumacher. The only record he does not hold is that for the most Grand Prix races completed – this record is still held by former driver Rubens Barrichello, with 323 races. However, Michael Schumacher would also take this record if he races for one more full season.

He has worked for eleven years with the world’s leading engineerer of premium helmets. Together, they have worked on raising the bar when it comes to safety, aerodynamics, acoustics, weight and ventilation. Many of these design innovations have been incorporated into series production of Schuberth's premium motorcycle helmets.

The new platinum helmet is shining silver, which contrasts very well with the red of the dragon and the Chinese writing that are typical Schumacher design elements. Schuberth will produce a limited edition of 20 replicas and 1000 pieces of 1:2 models of the platinum helmet available for fans in the Schuberth online shop:

Schuberth once before designed a special helmet for Michael Schumacher. This was exactly one year ago, again at Spa-Francorchamps, when the seven-time world champion proudly celebrated "20 years in Formula 1" and wore a gold-plated helmet. But platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, a fact which shows the importance that Schuberth attaches to this particular Schumacher anniversary.

The Spa racetrack in the Ardennes has an almost mystical significance for Schumacher because this is where he took part in his very first Grand Prix in 1991. It was also here that he won his first Formula 1 race; here where he won his seventh World Championship (2004) and where he delivered his finest performance in 1995, when he started 16th on the grid but still crossed the line in first place.

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The German helmet manufacturer Schuberth has been developing and producing high-end head protection systems for 90 years. With a multitude of innovative products, the company ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of motorcycle, Formula 1 and motor sport helmets as well as head protection for innovative solutions in work protection, fire fighting, the police and the military. The experience gained in particular from Formula 1, the pinnacle of motor sports, constantly provides fresh impetus for product developments that set the benchmark for head protection systems.

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