February 23, 2012

With its new S2, Schuberth presents a true all-around helmet

MAGDEBURG, 23th February 2012. With its new S2 full face helmet, Schuberth offers something that will appeal to the vast majority of motorcyclists. With its latest premium product, this high-tech company has made a quantum leap forward when it comes to safety, comfort and design for the large number of motorcyclists who enjoy sport touring. When wearing the S2, riders will enjoy excellent protection, whether they are cruising, touring, wicking up the speed or even racing on the track. The Schuberth S2 is a true all-around helmet. Along with its innovative ventilation system, the S2 is also the world's first motorcycle helmet with two integrated antennas for optimised Bluetooth® and radio reception. The S2 will be on sale the beginning of March, priced from 499 euros.

In the Schuberth product portfolio, the S2 is a perfect all-around helmet that fills the gap between the C3 flip-up touring helmet and the SR1 racing helmet.  The S2 combines the best of both worlds. The compact shell, high-quality inner lining and practical visor with integrated sun visor are based on the touring helmet, while the excellent aerodynamics, low weight and down force spoilers are borrowed from the racing helmet.

The S2 offers excellent protection, due to the special composite material used in the helmet's shell. It consists of structural fibreglass sandwiched in a special woven matrix. This gives the S2 a high grade of stiffness and rigidity at a low weight (approx. 1.450g +/- 50g depending on the size of the helmet shell).
Within 18 months, premium manufacturer Schuberth developed a helmet which is made in Germany, and the company is proud to unveil its technologically-advanced design. Its combination of design features, versatility, everyday practicality and user-friendliness makes the S2 the unrivalled choice for most riders. The S2's ventilation system is particularly innovative. The company has been carrying out research in its own acoustic wind tunnel for 30 years, and this, combined with its experience in producing Formula 1 helmets, has helped it to perfect the air intake and extraction vents. Even on a long ride, the rider's head will now remain significantly cooler.

New ventilation system

This feature is mainly due to the striking spoiler at the back of the helmet. This conceals two powerful air extraction vents. The reduced pressure at the back of the helmet creates an air siphoning effect pulling more air through and providing the rider with increased cooling. The air intake vent on top of the helmet has three different settings, which can be fully closed in cold weather. The air ducts inside the helmet have also been extended allowing a larger area to be ventilated and cooled.

The chin vent is typical of Schuberth's high-quality engineering and ensures excellent fresh air intake. When travelling at 100 kms per hour, over ten litres of fresh air flow through the helmet and around the rider’s head.

High-quality materials and ease of handling

The superb ventilation system is complemented by the new, premium inner lining. The padding for the head, cheeks, neck and chin strap ensure excellent comfort with materials such as Coolmax® and Thermocool®. Other advantages of the S2 include; the inner lining is fully removable and washable, the cheek pads are interchangeable to guarantee a perfect fit, the acoustic collar is removable, the Micro-lock retention system is practical and easy to use and with both chin straps adjustable.

The new, integrated sun visor is equally practical. It not only looks sporty and modern, it also provides much better protection when visibility is reduced, such as at sunset. Modelled on motor racing helmets, it is designed to follow the line of the bridge of the nose with more coverage in the eye area. Both sides of the sun visor have an anti-scratch coating. In terms of ergonomics, the lever is conveniently located on the lower left edge of the helmet, so it is easy to operate, even when wearing motorcycle gloves.

State-of-the-art technology proven in the wind tunnel

Highly-targeted testing in the company's in-house acoustic wind tunnel means that Schuberth is once again setting new standards in aerodynamics and aeroacoustics with the S2. With a level of 85 dB/A at speeds of 100 km/h, the helmet is not only pleasantly quiet, but is also a top performer in terms of reducing drag and buffeting affected by crosswinds. Even at high speeds, the helmet remains stable and quiet.

An innovative feature is its new spoiler design. The bottom spoiler increases the down force and reduces the lift at higher speeds. This reduced lift relieves the strain on the neck muscles.

Ground-breaking technology with integrated antennas

In the company’s 90th year of existence, Europe's largest helmet manufacturer continues to lead the way in motorcycle helmet technology. Schuberth has now been protecting motorcyclists' heads for 60 years. For the last 30, Schuberth has been engineering its helmets using rigorous wind tunnel testing. And Schuberth is constantly breaking new ground, for example by producing the first helmet made of composite materials, the first helmet with an integrated sun visor and the first flip-up helmet. All of these Schuberth innovations have become benchmarks and have been copied by many other manufacturers.
The S2 is another world’s first with its integrated antennas for improved Bluetooth® and radio reception. This means that Schuberth’s new all-around helmet is ready for installation of the improved, proprietary SRC communication system. This has already been successfully launched for the C3 flip-up helmet, and will soon be on the market for the S2 in summer 2012. It is ready for the future.

The S2 will be on sale in matt black, matt white, glossy black and glossy white as well as in three “lines”-graphics in the beginning of March, priced from 499 euros. For more details, visit the Schuberth website at

High-resolution images and the fact sheet of the new S2 are available online at


S2 – the all-rounder

S2 – the all-rounder