October 2, 2012

With the new C3 Pro, Schuberth is presenting the first touring helmet for use by sports riders as well

New C3 Pro: “Quickest flip-up helmet ever”

MAGDEBURG/COLOGNE (October 2nd 2012). Quiet, small, compact - these features have characterised the Schuberth C3 flip-up helmet for years now and have helped to make it one of the most popular flip-up helmets and the reference model for the whole industry. At the INTERMOT motor cycle fair, Schuberth is presenting its completely revised successor in the form of the C3 Pro, which unites all the criteria of success of the C3 and links them to new innovations. The C3 Pro accordingly has a spoiler, developed in the Schuberth wind tunnel, which makes the flip-up helmet the first choice for head protection while riding at high speeds as well - for touring and now also for sports riders. Two already pre-installed antennas guarantee higher communication ranges of up to 700 metres and ensure optimum radio reception, even when travelling at speed. Both antennas are compatible with the Schuberth own-brand SRC SystemTM communication system. The refined inner lining made of high-quality micro fibre and Coolmax® as well as the yet further improved ventilation ensures maximum wearing comfort, even on the longest tours. With a volume of just 82 dB (A), the new C3 Pro is the quietest Schuberth helmet ever. The C3 Pro flip-up helmet has been optimised in 23 ways and will be available for purchase at a price starting at 595 Euro from October 2012. The matching SRC SystemTM will be available at a price of 345 Euro.

From collector's item to best seller

Schuberth introduced its first flip-up helmet in 1998 under the name of Concept. Since then, each new product generation has revolutionised the flip-up helmet market. Whereas the Concept was impressive with its very high level of comfort, for example by having the first sun visor which could be operated independently of the chin piece, the C2 developed in the aeroacoustics tunnel in 2002 stood out as the quietest helmet on the market. The C3 which was introduced in 2008 completely turned then current prejudices about clunky flip-up helmets on their head and presented itself as being just as compact and light as an full-face helmet.

"In the past 15 years, we have set flip-up helmets, once just collector items, free from their niche status with ever more new innovations and improvements and have developed them to date to become helmets which can be used in a wide variety of ways and which are appreciated by a very large group of motorcyclists. The C3 is now on top not just in mountain passes, but we are also discovering it being used more and more often, even in track days. This has encouraged us to develop our C Series in terms of aerodynamics in our in-house wind tunnel to the point where now even sports drivers do not have to baulk at putting on a flip-up helmet", says Marcel Lejeune, Chief Executive Officer of the German helmet manufacturing company, on the occasion of the product launch in Cologne.

Quiet, small, compact - and now also quick

This has resulted in the new C3 Pro acquiring its distinctive spoiler edge, which ensures that the helmet remains totally pendulum neutral in the wind even while driving in the high speed range, has no buffeting and generates zero lifting.  

In addition to this key innovation in the design of the helmet shell, the C3 Pro has been completely overhauled in a total of 23 points. What should particularly be noted is the high-quality inner lining with a materials mixture made of Coolmax® and micro fibre for supreme wearing comfort even on the longest tours - while all parts can also naturally be removed and washed. Cool heads are guaranteed through the multi-volume ventilation in the head and chin part: almost 9 litres per second are fed into the helmet, and then out again, at 100 km/h. With a volume of just 82 dB(A), the new C3 Pro even beats all previous self-established records in terms of aeroacoustics.

Set to receive

Like the S2 integrated helmet launched in 2011, the new C3 Pro also has two built-in antennas for improved Bluetooth® and FM radio reception. The antennas are pre-set for use with the SRC-System™ communication system, which is completely built into the helmet, and, in addition to the intercom conference function with up to three riders and ranges of up to 700 metres, also supports Bluetooth®-enabled peripheral devices such as mobile phones, satnavs or MP3 players. The most important functions can also be operated by voice command.

The new C3 Pro is available from specialist dealers at a price starting at 595 Euro from October. It will be available for its market launch in the colours of Glossy Black, Glossy White, Matt Black and Silver Metallic. Further colours and finishes will follow for the opening of the 2013 season.