Premiere: Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRC-System™)

Schuberth introduces the first fully-integrated communications system for flip-up helmets

Renowned technology from Cardo offers a wide range of communications and entertainment options: biker-to-biker intercom for up to 3 riders, mobile phone, navigation system, MP3 player, FM radio and Bluetooth©

Magdeburg/Milan, 10 November 2009 - Helmet manufacturer Schuberth present the first fully-integrated communications system for its C3, C2 and Concept flip-up helmets at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan. The Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRC-System™) is the result of a collaboration between Schuberth and Cardo Systems, Inc, the market-leading manufacturer of Bluetooth©-enabled communications systems for motorcyclists. The new SRC-System™ offers a wide range of communications and entertainment options. The intercom function allows up to three riders to communicate with each other. Thanks to Bluetooth© technology, mobile phone and navigation systems are supported. A built-in FM radio lets the rider listen to traffic message channels even while on the move. An MP3 player can be connected via USB interface. SRC-System™ will be available from December 2009 for the C3 helmet. SRC-Systems™ for C2 and Concept will be available in 2010.

Fully integrated and easy to fit

The new SRC-System™ is the first communication system to be fully integrated into the helmet. This was achieved by building Cardo's renowned communications technology into the acoustic collar of the C3, C2 and Concept helmets. For Schuberth's customers, fitting the system is extremely simple. The existing acoustic collar can be removed from the helmet with a few movements of the hand and the new collar with the integrated communications system fitted in its place with equal ease. The ultra-flat headphones are simply fitted into the recesses provided for them in the helmet with Velcro® strips. The user can position the microphone comfortably with its flexible goose-neck. Done! Unlike other common communication systems, the user is spared complicated constructions on the outer shell of the helmet and thus also the annoying wind noise caused by such foreign bodies on the helmet.

Intercom for two or three riders

With the SRC-System™, motorcycling is no longer the leisure activity of the lone wolf. Up to three riders can connect via the conference-channel intercom and communicate simultaneously with one another. The line-of-sight range, depending on the surrounding physical environment, extends to nearly 300 metres. Riders travelling in groups can thus discuss their route and other matters without the need to stop.

Telephoning on the move

SRC-System™ supports most common Bluetooth©-enabled mobile telephones. Once linked to the SRC-System™, incoming calls can be taken or rejected at the push of a button. Phones with voice control can also be controlled directly with speech commands (VOX technology) via SRC-System™.

Easy orientation with GPS navigation

The same applies to most common Bluetooth©-capable GPS navigation devices. Once coupled to the SRC-System™, the rider can hear the voice-guided directions of the navigation system through the headphones and has no need to look away from the traffic.

Built-in FM radio

The built-in FM radio guarantees superb reception. Its RDS function allows the radio to tune to the frequency of the strongest channel automatically, even when travelling at higher speeds. The SRC-System™ can store up to six radio stations. The rider thus benefits from both entertainment channels and constantly updated traffic news.MP3 player: wireless or cabledNor need the rider make do without his or her favourite music any longer. The SRC-System™ has a multipurpose USB interface that accepts standard MP3 players without problems. Where the MP3 player supports the wireless A2DP standard or an A2DP adaptor is used, the player can also be connected to SRC-System™ wirelessly.

Free software updates

Schuberth will offer purchasers of its SRC-System™ constantly optimised updates to the software (firmware), free of charge and easy to download. Customers need only to register at in order to receive automatic notification from Schuberth when a new version of the firmware is available. The SRC-System™ can be connected to a computer via the multipurpose USB interface and the new firmware thus uploaded to it.

Superb performance characteristics

The SRC-System™ uses five multi-function buttons to control all the system's functions. Naturally, as demanded by its application, the system is waterproof and weatherproof. The system adapts to varying noise levels from travel and surroundings by means of automatic gain control (AGC), so offering the user optimal acoustic conditions at all times. The digital signal processor chip also serves this end by improving sound quality and filtering out unwanted noise using a mathematical algorithm.

The SRC-System™ uses a high-performance battery that allows up to ten hours of talk time and a standby time of up to a week. It is recharged from a mains outlet via the multipurpose USB interface.

The SRC-System™ will be available for the Schuberth C3 flip-up helmets from December. SRC-Systems™ for C2 and Concept will be available in 2010.

Schuberth GmbH: High technology, "Made in Germany"Helmet manufacturer

Schuberth, based in Magdeburg, has developed and produced high-end helmet systems for over 70 years. With many innovative products to its name, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of motorcycle, Formula 1 and motorsport helmets and also of innovative head-protection solutions for industrial, fire-fighting, police and military applications. In particular, experience gained from Formula 1, the champions' league of motor sport, brings continually new impulses for product developments that characterise the reference class for head protection systems.

Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. (USA) is the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth® communication systems for motorcycle and other head protection helmets. Cardo's scala rider line of Bluetooth devices can be found in over sixty countries. In addition, the company develops Bluetooth devices for third party brands and in conjunction with a select number of leading manufacturers in the field of motorcycle accessories and related products. The corporate tagline, Communication in motionTM , reflects best what the company does best: Empowering people who are on the move with the finest communication and entertainment devices available. Since 2003 Cardo offers them the tools to do so in style, without compromising safety, comfort or fun.